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If the Tobiano and Overo types of markings were not sufficiently mystifying to the Paint Horse novice, there is yet another pattern type to be digested. This, the Tovero, is brought about by the presence of both Tobiano and Overo genes in a single horse. Since all of these genes as identified are deemed dominant, such a horse will display markings characteristic of both pattern types. These can be displayed minimally, though more often, maximally, and at all degrees of "loudness" in between.

The composite of marking types that can be embodied in a Tovero makes it difficult to pinpoint features that make them distinct vs a loudly marked Tobiano or Overo with a high percentage of white.

Toveros are well known for throwing a high percentage of coloured foals - at least 75% - when bred to solid horses, given that they carry the Tobiano gene and at least one type of Overo gene. In some Tovero stallions, the colour to solid ratio is said to approach 90%! As with Sabinos and combination Overos, Toveros with a high percentage of white on their bodies are said to produce a higher percentage of patterned offspring.

NB: The genes that cause markings in Paint Horses can also coexist with those for Appaloosa spotting - but we won't be discussing the "Pintaloosa" here!

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